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Name:Chromatic Images
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated
Community description:Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Speculative artwork which features people of color.

chro⋅mat⋅ics n -the study of colors

Chromatics is an art community dedicated to showcasing professional and aspiring speculative art featuring People of Color.

All mediums are welcome. Finished pieces only please. Sketches/outlines/mock-ups can be posted if the finished product is posted as well.

This community is a safe space for PoC foremost.

General Rules:
1. Golden Rule applies here.
2. Deleting comments will net you a ban.
3. Displays of Ass will net you a ban.
4. I love you all, but I am a mean ole lion, remember that.

Posting Rules:
1. Please post images of People of Color in fantasy/sci-fi/speculative art only.
2. Please resize large pictures.
3. If you would like to post more than one image, please resize the first and place the rest behind a cut.
4. Please post the name of the artist and a link to their website or page.
5. Please place NSFW images behind a cut and label the post "NSFW."

Interests (150):

acrylic, afghan, african, algerians, algonquian, angolans, anime, apache, argentines, artisan, bahamians, bangladeshis, barbadians, black, blackfoot, brazilians, british virgin islanders, burundians, cambodian, cameroonians, carving, cherokee, cheyenne, chinese, comanche, congolese, crafts, crow, cubans, culture, design, deviantart, digital art, diversity, dominicans, drawing, east asian, egyptians, elfwood, epics, epilogue, ethiopians, ethnicity, fairytales, fantastical, fantasy, fijians, filipinos, folk tales, folklore, ghanaians, grenadians, griots, haitians, hispanic, hondurans, illustrations, indians, indigenous, indigenous australians, indonesians, inuit, iranians, iraqis, iroquois, israeli, jamaicans, japanese, jewish, jordanians, kazakhs, kenyans, kiowa, koreans, kuwaitis, lao, latino, lebanese, legends, liberians, libyans, magic, magical realism, malawians, malaysians, malians, manga, maori, mauritians, mexicans, middle eastern, moroccans, mural, myth, namibians, native, native american, navajo, nepalese, nigerians, oil paint on canvas, pacific islander, painting, pakistanis, palauans, palestinians, panamanians, paraguayans, pastels, pencil, pens and ink, people of color, peruvians, photography, poc, portrait, pueblo, puerto ricans, race, rendering, rwandans, saudis, sci-fi, sculpture, seminole, senegalese, sierra leoneans, singaporeans, sioux, somalis, south africans, sri lankans, sudanese, syrians, tanzanians, tempera, thais, tobagonians, traditional art, trinidadians, turks, ugandans, uruguayans, venezuelans, vietnamese, water paint, west asian, yemenis, zambians, zimbabweans
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